Our Affiliates

The mission of NBLCA’s affiliates is to mobilize and educate leaders in their respective cities to respond to HIV/AIDS and other public health problems; to enhance African American communities’ participation whenever public policy is deliberated and resources are allocated; and to serve as advocates and provide support to frontline agencies in their daily war on HIV/AIDS and other health disparities.

Affiliates also work to ensure equitable allocation of resources for the African American community and to enhance the capacity of local direct service organizations. Affiliates develop plans and engage in joint advocacy at all levels of government to protect and strengthen public health and disease prevention efforts in their cities. Each affiliate is chaired by a clergy leader whose congregation has deep ties to the African American community.

NBLCA of Albany

Thaddeus Price, Program Coordinator, tprice@nblca.org, (518) 288-5845

NBLCA of Atlanta


NBLCA of Buffalo

Frank Bostic, Chair
Avery T. Bates, Program Coordinator, abates@nblca.org

NBLCA of Detroit

Angelo Glenn, Chair
Augustine Sharp, Program Coordinator, (248) 599-1364, detroit@nblca.org

NBLCA of Nassau County

Barbara Laing, Program Coordinator, blaing@nblca.org, (516) 253-5768

NBLCA of New York City

Dr. Margaret Reneau, Senior Program Analyst, mreneau@nblca.org, (212) 614-0023

NBLCA of Rochester

Rev. Roosevelt Dixon, Chair
Roscoe Skinner, Jr., Program Coordinator, rskinner@nblca.org

NBLCA of Suffolk County

Johnny Mora, Program Coordinator, jmora@nblca.org, (631) 402-5644

NBLCA of Syracuse

Denise Welch, Program Coordinator, dwelch@nblca.org
Marlo Judge, Outreach Coordinator, mjudge@nblca.org

NBLCA of Tampa Bay

Rev. Dr. W. James Favorite, Pastor, Beulah Baptist Institutional Church
Carla Campbell, Program Coordinator, tampa@nblca.org

NBLCA of Washington D.C.

Rev. Frank D. Tucker, Pastor, First Baptist Church, info@nblca.org